Friday, January 25, 2008

I'm Still Here

As part of my New Year's Resolutionating, (and yes, you are right, that is a form of hallucinating) I vowed to myself that I would get iphoto at least somewhat cleaned up before I resumed posting. So here we are, nearing February (gulp!), and gratis to three sick (but not that kind of sick) children, I found a little time today to go into iphoto, dump an enormous load of Christmas pictures, and make last year's worth of folders.

So, coming soon...

1. A picture of the Wonderbug's newest handmade dress in pink babywale cord and red with white pindots cotton!

2. A couple more pictures of little gifts from Christmas.

3. More regular posting. Promise.

So, in lieu of a real post today, I'm going to send you to this lovely little post by the Rowdy Pea that I am just feeling in my post-holidays get-my-house-in-order madness.

Any other Scatterbrains out there?

1 comment:

Jo said...

Hi Kara,
The post is now up with your link, I dont know how to type words instead of pasting the URL into my text??
I finished my first item today, check out the pics..
Thanks for your comments