Monday, January 28, 2008

Bit Pig

That would be the Wonderbug's pet name for her little sister. One day last fall she wanted to stitch with me. I've been working on embroidering a favorite drawing she made for me, so I cut some cloth and suggested she draw a pattern to stitch. She wrote Bit Pig and said it would be a gift for the Truffle. When it was done, she asked me to add a picture of a pig and sew it into a pillowcase.
I wanted to use this to learn foundation piecing, but time was too short, so I faked it and added lots of grosgrain and ric rac to polish it up. The base is linen, the pink flannel, and the roses quilter's cotton. The girls were both pleased with the result, and the Truffle sleeps with it every night.

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Lisa said...

What a fun way to turn a bit of charming embroidery into something that your daughter will cherish! Love how children give such wonderful nicknames to each other sometimes!