Monday, December 10, 2007

Handmade for Christmas

Last week is over. Hurray! It was wonderful and stressful and I hope I don't have such a full one for a long, long time. Other than roasting a batch of pecans, I made no progress at all on Christmas gift making. The girls are recovering from the mass of parties and the recital that filled the weekend. The weather was dreary today, so we just stayed in and cleaned and sewed. We stripped the Biggie Bed and ran the laundry. The girls took our roller clothes basket all over the house and emptied the hampers, then played 'garbage collectors', in which they take a big trash sack and bring all the small bins to dump into it. Later, the Wonderbug read some of the Mary Frances Sewing Book, and she and the Truffle nursed their 'babies', aka Bear Bear and Heffalump, all day long.

During naptime, I counted gifts completed.

Two Wees.
Two Baby Balls.
Those above are made from mostly vintage scraps.

This one from some of those Japanese prints.

Then I got determined to finish up one of the bigger projects, the Wonderbug's robe from the 1930s Advance pattern.

I had no problems with the unprinted pattern. I actually quite enjoyed it. No tracing or cutting the pattern papers, and not nearly as much confusing marking to muddle things up. The vintage flannel was a dream to work with, so sturdily woven and soft, soft.

Finished with vintage pearl buttons. Now all I have to do is refrain from giving it to her until Christmas.


Persuaded said...

Oh, my I *do* love your work! (I found you through the Sense and Sensibility forums, btw)

Stacy said...

I've enjoyed visiting your blog and seeing all of your wonderful creations - especially the toys!

The Herpn's Nest said...

Lovely robe. So glad to have found your blog!