Friday, July 17, 2009

Hoppity Hop

A bunny set.
A violin.
A special dress.

My sweet Truffle is five years old. She received her three wishes, plus a bonus. Her eye doctor gave her the gift of good vision. If all goes well, she will have glasses by the end of next week.

Sewing details...
The apron dress is from the Japanese pattern book Basics for Girls. I splurged a bit for the Heather Ross unicorn double gauze. It is a dream. Soft and floaty, and it didn't shrink at all like I'd feared.

The bunny set is from the Purl Bee tutorial. I used white wool felt, pink cotton, and lined it with raw silk, all from my stash. I added some top stitching for stability and an extra centimeter all around to make it a size 5. A fun project that I'll be adapting into a bear set for Little Bear's birthday next week. He needs one.

Whenever I see the bunny hop by, this runs through my mind...


Christopher Robin goes
Hoppity, hoppity,
Hoppity, hoppity, hop.
Whenever I tell him
Politely to stop it, he
Says he can't possibly stop.

If he stopped hopping,
He couldn't go anywhere,
Poor little Christopher
Couldn't go anywhere...
That's why he always goes
Hoppity, hoppity,

A. A. Milne

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Persuaded said...

Oh my... I always *love* the things you create, and this is no exception. Just delightful in every way.

Now I want that book... I simply must have it! of course, I've no little girls to sew for, but I still wannnnt it. (resisting the urge to stamp my foot petulantly)