Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Looking back, there were so many signs. She wouldn't walk into a dim room. The glass knobs on our doors were always taking her down as she went through the house. She didn't like to run, and even when she balanced on the bike, her rides never lasted more than a few feet. The anxiety aspect of her tummy troubles...

Then we began reading lessons, and her little nose always ended up a scant inch from the page. Then I knew. Off to the pediatric opthamologist we went.

Turns out our Truffle is slightly farsighted, but with severe astigmatism in both eyes. The world has been a blur for her. Literally. At all distances. She couldn't even see the largest picture on the eye chart, the equivalent of the big 'E'.

Today her world changed. After the optician, Miss Sylvie, placed the rose-colored glasses on her nose, my Truffle looked up at me and said, "Mommy, I see your glasses... and your teeth!" Laughter and tears wrestled in my throat.

So now there is so much to look forward to... bike rides that go down the block 'the longest way' and 'the shortest way', seeing each leaf rustle as the wind passes through the cottonwood, running full bore after her sister through the house, and perhaps facing the world with a stouter heart. A brave Piglet* she will be.

* Piglet-Iglet-Wiglet is the Wonderbug's pet name for our little Truffle, based (we believe) on her resemblance to a certain Piglet in the Hundred Acre Wood, whom you should get to know, when you have a chance, through the writings of A. A. Milne.

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