Monday, November 3, 2008

Village Frock with Bears

My Truffle needs all the cheer she can come by right now.  She has been having tummy troubles (GERD) since early summer, and we are making another trip to the doctor's office tomorrow, hoping further testing will reveal a cause.  I whipped up this little outfit to brighten her week. 

This little dress and pinafore are made from the pattern over at Sugar City Journal.  I used the Goose Girl variation and improvised the pinnie.  Cut size 4, but used the size 5 length.  The fabrics are a lightweight plaid shirting and a fine Japanese twill with bears and delicious-looking trees.  It has three pockets across the front, the middle of which is just big enough to hold a very special Bear-Bear.  


On another note:  We celebrated the long-awaited time change with a new game, played in the now early evening darkness.  It is a German board game called Shadows in the Woods, and is delightful for the whole family.  Ok, not toddlers, but they're asleep (hopefully!) by the time the game begins anyway.  Darkness and candlelight are fascinating at any age.  The dwarfs, woods, and forest creatures just frost the cake.  


sew nancy said...

this is so gorgeous
where did you purchase the fabrics?
your little girl is so sweet with her teddy

Kara said...

The plaid shirting is from Joann's clearance rack last winter, and the Japanese print was also found last winter at

Jonna said...

I just learned about your blog through Jacy. A comment on the GERD...I was just diagnosed after an endoscopy in September. Finally, after two decades of upper abdominal pain and more recent bouts of heartburn, I learned my fate. I have been trying to eliminate foods as instructed in the GERD diet, and have discovered that tomatoes are my greatest enemy. And I love tomatoes! So, pizza, Mexican food, barbecue sauce, fresh tomatoes, ketchup....any of it will cause me to have discomfort even on my medication. Also, peanuts and peanut oils can give me grief. Just thought I would share that with you!

Jonna said...

Oh, and anything with Citric acid is a definite NO! But I knew that about myself before the diagnosis. Good luck getting her situation under control. It's just trial and error.

John Dekker said...

1) You need to update this blog way more often.

2) You have adorable kids.

3) This is a really cute photo.

4) I could have known you were into German-style board games. I only discovered them after I came back from America in '98. I've managed to pick up a few over the years.