Sunday, February 24, 2008

Tour de Jammies

The Truffle has gotten to spend lots of extra time in her beloved jammies the last few days, since the Wonderbug has been suffering through a second bout of the nasty flu/cold bug that has been making the rounds, and we've been lying low. She's mostly better now, thank goodness, so tomorrow we'll hopefully all be up and dressed at a decent hour diving back into our routine, and the beautiful weather outdoors.

This little rosie nightgown is another favorite of my little jammies connoisseur. The fabric is my best-ever thrifted sheet find: a like-new, oh-so-soft, 100% cotton vintage flat sheet with luscious pink roses. The pattern is the gown version of Simplicity 8488, which I used in her Hello, Birdies! as well. It is so funny. Now that she's (finally!) decided she likes the things I sew, she wants me to make her a Moosie (like in The Sick Day), a pillow shaped like a fish, and a robe. So, um, anyone know of a good pattern for a moose?

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Lisa said...

So cute! What a great fabric find!