Monday, February 25, 2008

Spring Fever

It was a sunny, still, 78 degrees here yesterday. The girls and I washed the car while the baby lay on a blanket in the sunshine and watched the Professor clean leaves out of the red yuccas. Need I say more?

Of course not, but compound that fact with my recent realization that I will soon be drafting and cutting out Easter dresses, and I broke into a serious spring fever last night. The result of which you see above. That little bunny is hopping over to my house from Caught RED Handed. I can't wait. Perhaps this year I'll even make myself a new Easter skirt in addition to the girls' dresses (and baby things? maybe?). Or perhaps the fever is making me delusional. Only time will tell. Either way I have just the pattern, a birthday present from my favorite mother-in-law. She also gave me some lovely Nigella twill in silver woodfern to make it up in, which I hope to finish today. Yea!

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