Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Conundrum :: Little Boy Sewing

or Why I Finally Caved & Bought Japanese Fabric

I've been happily collecting striped cotton and plaid flannels, pinwhale cord, and linen since the Bitty Bear was born (4 months ago!), but appealing little boy prints have evaded me. Since I also have nephews to sew for and with Christmas coming up and the moon being so pleasant and all, I finally let myself browse Superbuzzy and Reprodepot with Intent to Purchase. Superbuzzy won out for selling by the 1/2 yard, thus allowing a greater print variety. On to the loot...

Mmmm... The Bears in a Chocolate Chip Cookie Tree forest twill is my most favorite. So is the Red Riding Hood stripe, the Puppy Check, and the Ladybug Four-Leaf Clover cotton. Was that four most favorites? Yes, that's right. And I really, really like the Trains and Cheeping Chicks, too. And did I mention they were on sale? Yes, the solving of one conundrum creates another. What to sew? Oh, look. This book is just the thing.
Which delicious pattern shall I make up first? Watch this space and we'll see. Once I've plowed through more Christmas gift sewing, that is. Pictures of those to come.

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jo said...

Hi, I am waiting for this book to arrive in the mail.... Cant wait to sew the little girls shirt style dresses.... Love your step by step drafting tips, I have posted a link from my blog (hope you dont mind) I have had my first jp book for 4 days or so and have cut out 3 things so far.... I will check back for some pics of yours!!!! Jo