Thursday, October 4, 2007


And it all began so well. Inspiration struck. Supplies were at hand.

Ah, but the execution got me in the end.

You see, forget to add seam allowances to your pattern, and you suddenly find that bias tape is just the thing your little bib needed. Oh, look. There is some perfectly yummy vintage bias tape in the drawer... but so narrow. Hmmn. Two fabrics + batting... I'll just be really, really careful this time. Yes. Careful.

I don't need to tell you how this ends. You already know about the six spots in need of re-stitching. On each side.

Oh, well. Tomorrow I'll deal with that. Right now I just want to look at the before photos and remember how cute it and simple it was going to be.

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bec414 said...

Only six spots to restitch with that tiny binding...I think that's great. I always have a few that need redone. On one project I even hand basted and still had to go back to fix a spot of two.