Thursday, September 27, 2007

Fly away home...

Thank you, Black Apple, for this bit of fun. This little button hook is made from vintage buttons and a clear push pin. Fiddling around in the button tin is always gratifying, and I ended up with several of these in the span of half an hour. The yellow glass ladybug landing on an old, thick pearl button is my favorite. Currently she resides on my newly finished inspiration board, but she may flit away at any moment to the bathroom wall to hold a necklace or two.

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Linda C. said...

How charming! I remember some red lady bug buttons in my mother's sewing things when I was young. In reading your blog, you mention FHA meetings. I've just acquired a thimble dated to 1945, with raised letters - FHA. Are you aware if such a thimble was ever given as a gift or token of esteem? These are not engraved initials, but actually molded on the thimble in a raised pattern with dashes between the letters.

If you know anything, you can post it to my blog.