Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Tallest Munchkin

As long as I've known her, my colorful-speeched mother-in-law (known as Dears to my children) has claimed that anyone shorter than her is a munchkin. A scant five feet herself, she teases her grandchildren and the good-humored little old ladies she works with in the kitchen at the church.

Well, one night recently, the Professor and I were having happy supper conversation with our three little ones. To stress as fact something I'd said, the Professor stated, "And anyone shorter than Dears -is- a munchkin."

To which the Truffle piped up, "Yes, Dears is the Tallest Munchkin."

We lost it.

Which is why her perpetually chilly Dears received a pink hoodie emblazoned with a three-leaf clover and the new moniker "The Tallest Munchkin" for her un-birthday this year.

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