Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Spring Suit

This spring suit of linen short pants and a muslin shirt were intended for my Little Bear's Easter outfit. He was ill over Easter weekend, though, so I snuggled him and sang my favorite resurrection hymns to him while the rest of the family went to worship. I set finishing these aside until last week.

The short pants are buttery 100% linen in a so soft, baby green. For the shirt I debated between silky all-cotton batiste and muslin. Since I'd never made a baby shirt before, I went with the muslin. This worked out well since I made the cusstomary (yes, I meant that) minor-but-wonky mistakes. The buttons are mismatched vintage pearl from my collection. I intended to have matching buttons for this shirt, but sometimes the buttons choose themselves, it seems, and that little cafe au lait one wanted to be worn near the green linen.

The pattern is from this book, ISBN 9784579109968. I made the 12 month sizes. This worked beautifully for the pants, as they go over a fluffy cloth diaper, but the shirt has more growing room than is really required, so for the next shirt (in white 100% linen I found today in the remnant bin!) I'm going to use the 6 month pattern.

I've already cut out, and nearly finished, a matching brimmed pilot's cap (above, left) in the green linen and a striped cotton seersucker. Of course, I had to cut out the short pants from the seersucker as well. These tiny boy projects go so quickly and are so completely lacking in ruffles, that I may become thoroughly addicted to sewing for boys.

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Mamselle Duroc said...

Adorable! What an absolute cutie he is!