Sunday, November 11, 2007

Corners of My Home :: Mud Room

Or, rather, Mud Corner. This is one of my favorite spots in our home right now, in that it is not in a redo/remodel condition, and I'm so pleased with how it looks and functions. It is by the back door. The linoleum is quite old: chipping, cracking, and perfectly mud colored. The Professor painted the walls and cabinetry during the summer this shade of ever-so-slightly-gray green, and I added glass knobs to the cabinets and a new row of hooks. We've had the little Ikea shoe shelf for several years now. Next to it is my favorite vintage vacuum thermos for taking water to the park, and in the foreground is a playstand that divides the play side of the sun room from the mud side. And that sweet child? That would be my Truffle, the most attentive remover-of-shoes-at-entryway in the family.

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